Our feeds are not organic. Organic grains would be grown on organic certified farms, and the price of the grains, and consequently the price of our feeds would be double. We do feel that there are advantages to both Non-GMO and organic farming practices within these two production models. We also believe that a low or no synthetic fertilizer program coupled with a no-till system and cover crop program favors a more biological diverse soil, which in turn produces a more nutrient dense grain.

The corn and soybeans are single sourced from a local farm that happens to be Jason’s extended family. This allows us to influence the production practices based on our beliefs of how inputs affect the biological ecosystem. We do have substantial growth potential within this single source, and have plans to continue this model should we outgrow their current production. Grains not produced locally, such as peas, flax, etc., are sourced largely from an ingredient broker that understands our goals and values.

We get this question often. It is a common practice in the western states for farmers to spray crops (mainly wheat) nearing maturity with Glyphosate (Roundup) to kill the crop so it ripens evenly. In their mind this accomplishes two things… A more consistent grain quality, and the ease of harvesting based on thrashing the grain. This is not a common practice in the Midwest as far as we know, and we assure that the crops that we can source locally are not being produced in this manner.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar has multiple benefits for livestock and humans alike…

  • Although an acetic acid, it has an alkaline effect on the body, thus lending itself toward disease prevention.
  • For livestock specifically it is a form of natural energy for butterfat and body fat production.
  • ACV is a natural anthelmintic working against both internal and external parasites.
  • Raw ACV with the “mother” contains probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and nutriceuticals.
  • ACV boosts immunity to bacterial, viral, yeast, and fungal infections.
  • ACV is a cleanser/detoxifier containing high levels of malic acid which helps cleanse and heal the liver for better digestion, and detoxification of toxins and waste.

With all of this being said, you will notice that there are a few specie’s feed that we do not currently include ACV as an ingredient. We are planning to do some side by side feeding trials to determine their effectiveness on these other species in the near future

You have all seen them… Feed tags that list ingredients as “forage products, grain products, grain by-products, etc…”. There are really two reasons that these vague ingredient listings are used:

  1. Proprietary formula protection
  2. It allows the use of various products and byproducts to be used interchangeably based on price only. With this type of management formulas can be changed at any point, and as many times as needed to keep costs down. This leads to inconsistent feed quality, and consequently, animal performance.

Plain, easy to understand ingredient lists are one of the things that we here at Kraut Creek stand on, firm and proud!

  • We use only Fertrell organic minerals and strictly adhere to their high standard in regards to using whole grains, and the recommended quantity and type of mineral. Fertrell minerals are USA sourced, with the exception of copper, for freshness.
  • We use only the best Non-GMO ingredients, and do not compromise to cut costs.
  • We operate a grass based livestock farm where we use the same feeds that we sell, and do our own on farm research where we can test ingredient changes before they go to market.
  • We understand the importance of transparency and make a point to set ourselves apart from the commercial feed industry in this area.
  • Our feeds are free from solvent extracted soybean meal or byproducts.
  • We maintain several certifications to verify that we are marketing a pure Non-GMO and sustainable product.

Non-GMO Project Verified

NGP is the most widely recognized third party verification.  By adhering to the testing protocols and mill SOPS that make up the Non-GMO Project Verified standards, we are able to ensure that our feeds are not genetically modified.  These test results are available for viewing at your request.

Animal Welfare Approved (AWA)

Acknowledged by Consumer Reports as the only “highly meaningful” food label for farm animal welfare, Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW (AWA) is an independent, nonprofit farm certification program—and now one of the nation’s top 5 fastest growing certifications and label claims.

The Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW standards were developed in collaboration with scientists, veterinarians, researchers and farmers across the globe to maximize practicable, high-welfare farm management, and are publicly available online.

This means that all of our ingredients are environmentally sustainable, and safe for your animals to consume.

We believe that the use of fungicides to increase crop yield by reducing the incident of molds and blights is a “nearsighted” approach. At the same time that this “harmful” biology is reduced, we believe that the beneficial biology that is so important for a healthy ecosystem is being destroyed. Locally sourced grains are purchased from farms that do not use fungicides. Grains not produced locally, such as peas, flax, etc., are sourced largely from an ingredient broker that understands our goals and values.

We have chosen to maintain the use of the brown kraft paper feed bag that we started with years ago for one very simple reason. It is biodegradable!!

At Kraut Creek, we hold environmental stewardship very high and feel that we all can have positive impact on the environment by making choices such as this.


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