Jason Garber


Jason grew up on his family’s farm where he learned the value of knowing where our food comes from. At an early age it was common to be out tending the chickens, hogs, cattle, or rabbits before and after school no matter the weather.  He was later involved with grain production from planting to harvest.  During an 18 year tenure in a successful family trucking business as the Director of Maintenance, Jason and his wife, Jody, bought and moved to a pasture farm.

This is where the interest and passion grew for grass based farming, and the correlation between soil health and the nutrient density of the foods we eat. As his interest grew in nutrient dense foods, a change in occupation seemed timely. Jason sold his shares of the trucking company, stepped away from the family grain operation, and set out to produce wholesome grassfed and pastured meats for his family and others.

It wasn’t long until it became apparent of 2 shortcomings in the industry…..feed suppliers and slaughter facilities that truly understand the needs of like minded producers. The local slaughter plant that Jason was using came up for sale, so he, along with his brother, made the purchase. Jason and his brother now operate this USDA slaughter facility as absentee owners. Then came the opportunity to enter the Non-GMO feed sector, and this is now where Jason spends the majority of his time.

Jason and his wife of 17 years, Jody, now have 6 children. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kiddos on the farm tending their commercial sheep flock, grassfed cattle, chickens, and Berkshire hogs.  He also enjoys traveling with his family. Jason and his family attends a local church (local, as in right across the creek) and have a passion for adoption, and the correlation it has to our true adoption by Jesus Christ.(Romans 8:14-16, Galations 4:5-7)


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