Hello and Welcome to Kraut Creek Natural Feed Company

Kraut Creek is a Non-GMO feed company that manufactures and distributes high quality, wholesome feeds to a growing network of farms, dealers, and distributors. To ensure the highest level of purity and transparency, our feeds are third party tested and certified by several organizations. We continually seek improvements by using these same feeds on our own pasture farm. By careful ingredient sourcing we can ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used. All of this because we are passionate about keeping our food supply as pure and nutrient dense as possible.

Why Kraut Creek?

Our goal at Kraut Creek is to provide farmers, dealers, and distributors with feeds that are derived from clean, all-natural ingredients.

Our belief that the health of livestock in the United States has been threatened by the heavy use of genetically modified (GMO) grains, is what drives the way we do business and how we formulate our feeds.

On our own farm, we noticed a need for feed that wasn’t derived from genetically modified crops, so as the livestock on our farm grew, so did the idea and formation of Kraut Creek.


Meet Our Founder

Jason Garber

Jason grew up on his family’s farm where he learned the value of knowing where our food comes from. At an early age it was common to be out tending the chickens, hogs, cattle, or rabbits before and after school no matter the weather. He was later involved with grain production from planting to harvest. During an 18 year tenure in a successful family trucking business as the Director of Maintenance, Jason and his wife, Jody, bought and moved to a pasture farm…

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